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... Powan populations are relatively healthy, but may have been negatively impacted by the introduced ruffe, which eats powan eggs and fry ... As a conservation action, an attempt to establish populations in four additional lakes has been undertaken ... taxonomic status of the British whitefish populations, including powan, is a matter of debate ...
Narcissus Pseudonarcissus - Distribution
... It is commonly grown in gardens and populations have become established in many other parts of Europe ... In Britain native populations have decreased substantially since the 19th century due to intensification of agriculture, clearance of woodland and uprooting of the ... Park, the Farndale valley hosts a large population of the species, along the banks of the River Dove ...
Gray Brocket - Population and Conservation
... and common, but it has decreased or even disappeared from near human populations ... In Bolivia, the population appears to remain constant despite great hunting pressure, and it is the most common deer in Brazil, though it is declining in some regions ... In order to prevent further population declines, hunting laws need to be enforced, stray dogs from human populations should be controlled, and local village populations should be ...
CYP2D6 - Ethnic Factors in Variability
... CYP2D6 poor metabolizers is approximately 6–10% in white populations, but is lower in most other ethnic groups such as Asians (2%) ... ultrarapid metabolisers appears to be greater among Middle Eastern and North African populations ... the differences in the prevalence of various CYP2D6 alleles among the populations–approximately 10% of whites appear to have the non-functional CYP2D6*4 allele, while approximately 50% of Asians possess the CYP2D6 ...
Urban Wildlife - North America
... alligators' are unlikely to sustain a breeding population in such an environment ... The National Zoo of Washington, DC has breeding populations of tropical geckos throughout its steam tunnels which venture into Rock Creek Park and develop limited breeding populations during the spring/summer ...

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    The populations of Pwllheli, Criccieth,
    Portmadoc, Borth, Tremadoc, Penrhyndeudraeth,
    Were all assembled. Criccieth’s mayor addressed them
    First in good Welsh and then in fluent English,
    Robert Graves (1895–1985)