What are parties?

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Common Swift - Description
... They often form 'screaming parties' during summer evenings where about 10-20 Swifts will gather and fly around their nesting area, all calling out to each ... Larger "screaming parties" are formed at higher altitudes, especially late in the breeding season ... of these is not known, but it appears to be the case that these parties, or many Swifts in them, will then ascend to sleep on the wing, while still breeding adults tend to spend the night in the nest ...
Islam Karimov - Presidency - Election Controversies
... tightened the restrictions on his opposition through the Law On Political Parties ... law ensured the right to meetings, publications, and elections of opposition parties, but only to those who had registered with the Ministry of Justice ... This policy allowed for government blockage of unapproved parties ...
Yale Political Union - Parties
... is an umbrella organization that currently contains seven Parties the Liberal Party (Lib), the Party of the Left (PoL), the Independent Party (IP), the ... These parties are actually independent debating societies that host their own debates and activities apart from Union activities, though members will come together for weekly Union debates ... The Parties are traditionally listed in the order above ...
Politics Of Belgium
... Since around 1970, the significant national Belgian political parties have split into distinct representations for each communities' interests besides defense of ... These parties belong to three main political families, though close to the centre the right-wing Liberals, the social conservative Christian Democrats, and ... Other important newer parties are the Green parties and, nowadays mainly in Flanders, the nationalist and far-right parties ...
Freedom Party Of Austria - International Relations
... the party has ties with several European political parties and groupings ... entrance in government in 2000, Haider sought to establish his own alliance of right-wing parties ... Lega Nord party in Italy, as well as some other parties and party groupings ...

Famous quotes containing the word parties:

    Things must be done by parties, not by persons using parties as tools.
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)

    Both parties deprecated war; but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept war rather than let it perish. And the war came.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    We give lovely parties that last through the night,
    I dress as a woman and scream with delight,
    We wake up at lunch time and find we’re still tight.
    What could be duller than that?
    Noël Coward (1899–1973)