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Posterior Abdominal Wall
... There is a common set of layers covering and forming all the walls the deepest being the extraperitoneal fat, the parietal peritoneum, and a layer of fascia, which has different names ... abdominal wall most commonly refers to the layers composing the anterior abdominal wall which, in addition to the layers mentioned above, includes the three layers of muscle the transversus ...
Direct Digital Manufacturing - General Principles - Printing
... To perform a print, the machine reads the design and lays down successive layers of liquid, powder, or sheet material to build the model from a series of cross ... These layers, which correspond to the virtual cross sections from the CAD model, are joined together or automatically fused to create the final shape ... Printer resolution describes layer thickness and X-Y resolution in dpi (dots per inch), or micrometres ...
Ballıca Cave
... There are two layers above the entrance and five layers below, making a total of seven layers ... Five layers were formed over three periods ... stretches northeast and southwest, consisting of two layers ...
Carceri - Layers - Agathys
... The last layer, Agathys, consists of a single orb of black ice alone in the void, almost completely devoid of light and sound, with only the shifting and breaking of ice and the ...
Parralax - In Computer Graphics
... games, the scene was constructed of independent layers that were scrolled at different speeds in a simulated parallax motion effect when the player/cursor moved, a method called parallax ... Some hardware had explicit support for such layers, such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System ... This gave some layers the appearance of being farther away than others and was useful for creating an illusion of depth, but only worked when the player was moving ...

Famous quotes containing the word layers:

    I think it’s the real world. The people we’re writing about in professional sports, they’re suffering and living and dying and loving and trying to make their way through life just as the brick layers and politicians are.
    Walter Wellesley (Red)

    The force of a death should be enormous but how can you know what kind of man you’ve killed or who was the braver and stronger if you have to peer through layers of glass that deliver the image but obscure the meaning of the act? War has a conscience or it’s ordinary murder.
    Don Delillo (b. 1926)