Lining may refer to:

  • Lining (sewing), the process of inserting an inner layer of fabric, fur, or other material
  • Brake lining, consumable surfaces in brake systems
  • Product lining, offering for sale several related products
  • Roof lining, in an automobile roof

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Silver Lining (idiom)
... The silver lining is a metaphor for optimism in the common English-language idiom "Every cloud has a silver lining." ...
Sherpa (disambiguation) - In Other Uses
... Sherpa, a distributed key value datastore developed by Yahoo! Sherpa Lining, a lining (sewing) made from a polyester and cotton fabric, resembles the rough wool lining of traditional Sherpa outdoor clothing ...
Shaft Construction - Shaft Sinking - Activities Required For Shaft Sinking - Support or Shaft Lining
... There are two types of lining, Temporary Permanent The type of water and strength of the rock and soil layer where sinking operation is done determine which option to select ... The permanent lining can be made of bricks, concrete blocks, monolithic concrete, shotcrete and cast iron tubing ...
Lining Out - Current Usage
... still do lining out ... The practice is becoming attenuated in some of them—the leader will begin lining out, but after the first verse or two will say "Sing on!", or a part of the service is lined out but other ... Some Presbyterian churches in Scotland also still do lining out, though often now in a restricted context, with other hymns being accompanied and not lined out ...