What are Jacobs?

  • (noun): United States writer and critic of urban planning (born in 1916).
    Synonyms: Jane Jacobs
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  • (noun): Dutch physician who opened the first birth control clinic in the world in Amsterdam (1854-1929).
    Synonyms: Aletta Jacobs

Famous quotes containing the word jacobs:

    Artists, whatever their medium, make selections from the abounding materials of life, and organize these selections into works that are under the control of the artist.... In relation to the inclusiveness and literally endless intricacy of life, art is arbitrary, symbolic and abstracted. That is its value and the source of its own kind of order and coherence.
    —Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)

    What if we fail to stop the erosion of cities by automobiles?... In that case America will hardly need to ponder a mystery that has troubled men for millennia: What is the purpose of life? For us, the answer will be clear, established and for all practical purposes indisputable: The purpose of life is to produce and consume automobiles.
    —Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)

    There is a quality even meaner than outright ugliness or disorder, and this meaner quality is the dishonest mask of pretended order, achieved by ignoring or suppressing the real order that is struggling to exist and to be served.
    —Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)