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Abraham Albert Heaps
... Abraham Albert (A.A.) Heaps (December 24, 1885 – April 4, 1954) was a Canadian politician and labour leader ... Born in Leeds, England, Heaps immigrated to Canada in 1911 and worked in Winnipeg as an upholsterer ... Heaps and Woodsworth agreed to support the Liberals in exchange for the government creating Canada's first old age pension ...
Skew Heap
... A skew heap (or self-adjusting heap) is a heap data structure implemented as a binary tree ... Skew heaps are advantageous because of their ability to merge more quickly than binary heaps ... In contrast with binary heaps, there are no structural constraints, so there is no guarantee that the height of the tree is logarithmic ...
List Of Septimus Heap Characters - The Heaps
... The Heaps are the main characters in the series ... Although the story revolves mainly around the protagonist Septimus and his sister Jenna, the whole family comes together in the adventures ...
Soft Heap
... In computer science, a soft heap is a variant on the simple heap data structure that has constant amortized time for 5 types of operations ... (increasing) the keys of at most a certain fixed percentage of values in the heap ... The constant time operations are create(S) Create a new soft heap insert(S, x) Insert an element into a soft heap meld(S, S' ) Combine the contents of two soft heaps into ...
Heaps - See Also
... Beap Treap Sorites paradox, also known as the paradox of the heap. ...

More definitions of "heaps":

  • (adv): Very much.
    Example: "Thanks heaps"

Famous quotes containing the word heaps:

    We live by our imaginations, by our admirations, by our sentiments. The child walks amid heaps of illusions, which he does not like to have disturbed. The boy, how sweet to him his fancy! how dear the story of barons and battles! What a hero he is, whilst he feeds on his heroes! What a debt is his to imaginative books!
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)