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Dinosaur Footprints - Fossils
... As the name implies, fossil footprints are this park's main attraction ... The area was acclaimed by 19th century paleontologists for its abundance of fossil specimens, dinosaur tracks in particular, and the reservation is popular with the ichnologists that ... Close analysis of these fossil trackways led to the conclusion that the large animals were gregarious and traveled in a "herd, pack, or flock." In addition to the footprints of theropod dinosaurs ...
Dianne Edwards - Career
... Edwards's work has centered on early plant fossils, the majority of which have been retrieved from the UK ... Her interest in early plants was initiated after she studied plant fossils preserved in three dimensions in the mineral pyrite (fools' gold) much of her later work has centred ... for the Beijing Museum of Natural History, and working on fossils from that country ...
Bibionidae - Fossil Record
... Bibionids have the most extensive fossil record of any Diptera family ... Fossil bibionids are known questionably from the Jurassic, while some forms from the early part of the Upper Cretaceous look quite similar to modern species ... Bibionid flies are very abundant among insect fossils from the Tertiary period, and a large number of species have been described, although often based on highly fragmentary material ...
Rotunda Museum - Collection
... With over 5,500 fossils and 3,000 minerals, the strengths of the Scarborough collection are numerous type specimens, which were the first of their kind ever to be described ... These give a taste of the quality and range of the fossils and minerals that have been found along Yorkshire's Dinosaur Coast which stretches from ...
Bruce Erickson - Biography - Career
1960s, Erickson spent his time investigating "crocodile and champsosaur fossils in Alberta, Canada" ... "the oldest known alligator." He was also investigating crocodile fossils in South Africa during the same decade ... Just from this area alone, Erickson and the rest of his team have discovered thousands of fossils since they began digging in 1970 ...

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    You can hardly convince a man of an error in a life-time, but must content yourself with the reflection that the progress of science is slow. If he is not convinced, his grandchildren may be. The geologists tell us that it took one hundred years to prove that fossils are organic, and one hundred and fifty more to prove that they are not to be referred to the Noachian deluge.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    In early times, before the floods swept across the world, there was life, albeit odd, as one can see from the fossils of mammoth bones, and there was the regime of Prince Metternich.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)