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Klosterneuburg Monastery - Verdun Altar
... Its three parts comprise 45 gilded copper plates modeled on Byzantine paragons, similar to the Shrine of the Three Kings at Cologne Cathedral ... is reflected in the arrangement of the plates ... The columns of adjacent plates of different ages symbolise their connection according to the ideas of the typology theory ...
Vehicle Registration Plates Of Botswana
... Vehicle registration plates of Botswana for normal motor vehicles begin with the letter B, followed by three numbers, followed by three letters ... These number plates have either a white or yellow reflective background with black lettering ... Public passenger number plates have white lettering on blue background ...
Einzel Lens - Theory
... If the lens is constructed with cylindrical plates, the field is symmetrical around z ... The integral occurs over the gap between the plates ... The pair of plates is also called an electrostatic immersion lens, thus an einzel lens can be described as two or more electrostatic immersion lenses ...
Office Nameplates
... job titles are to extend the longevity of a name plate and to promote a culture of meritocracy, where the strength of one’s thoughts are not connected to one’s job title ... Name plates without job titles have longer lives because someone can reuse the same name plate after changing job titles ... It is rare for an office name plate to contain three or more lines of text ...
Vehicle Registration Plates Of Israel
... An Israeli vehicle registration plate, or an Israeli license plate, is a vehicle registration plate, a metal or plastic plate or plates attached to a motor vehicle or ... Israeli registration plates are issued by various approved licensing firms, like Dinamometer, and according to Specification no ... Most regulations regarding Israeli vehicle registration plates are listed among the transport regulations, issued by the Ministry of Transportation ...

Famous quotes containing the word plates:

    “... What are you seeing out the window, lady?”
    “What I’ll be seeing more of in the years
    To come as here I stand and go the round
    Of many plates with towels many times.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Realms and islands were
    As plates dropped from his pocket.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Behold now this vast city; a city of refuge, the mansion house of liberty, encompassed and surrounded with his protection; the shop of war hath not there more anvils and hammers waking, to fashion out the plates and instruments of armed justice in defence of beleaguered truth, than there be pens and hands there, sitting by their studious lamps, musing, searching, revolving new notions.
    John Milton (1608–1674)