What are CIS?

  • (noun): An alliance made up of states that had been Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in Dec 1991.
    Synonyms: Commonwealth of Independent States


The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS; Russian: Содружество Независимых Государств, СНГ, Sodruzhestvo Nezavisimykh Gosudarstv, SNG) is a regional organization whose participating countries are former Soviet Republics, formed during the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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... free trade agreement signed on 18 October 2011 among 8 CIS member states Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Moldova and Armenia ... CIS countries have been negotiating an FTA agreement since the breakup of Soviet Union ... Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, although CIS members, did not sign this FTA agreement ...
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