What are chassis?


A chassis ( /ˈʃæsi/ or /ˈtʃæsi/; plural: "chassis") consists of an internal framework that supports a man-made object in its construction and use. It is analogous to an animal's skeleton. An example of a chassis is the underpart of a motor vehicle, consisting of the frame (on which the body is mounted) with the wheels and machinery.

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Some articles on chassis:

Bowin P3 - Design - Design Features
... The monocoque chassis extends from the front bulkhead to the rearmost engine-transmission mount ... The actual chassis projects forwards as far as the front suspension location, but the pedals, master cylinders, radiator, and so on are hung on outriggers built on to the monocoque ... sits on integral monocoque rails, and the chassis is not an extension of the bottom or "tub" of the cockpit part of the monocoque as on many integral chassis design cars ...
Enrique Scalabroni - Formula One
... company wind tunnel and one of the pioneer carbon monocoque chassis for small single seaters a trend setting Formula 3 car with rearward sloping sidepods ... There he developed Barnard's Ferrari 640 carbon chassis ... South American engineer was consultant for the De Tomaso Guará, in charge of chassis and suspension design ...
Chassis - Examples of Use - Electronics
... A chassis in a television, radio, or other electronic device consists of the metal frame on which the circuit boards and other electronics are mounted ... In the absence of a metal frame the chassis refers to the circuit boards and components themselves, not the physical structure ... In computers, the chassis refers to the rigid framework on to which the motherboard, memory, disk drives, and other equipment are mounted ...
Audi R10 TDI - Chassis - Weight
... The R10 TDI in the 12 ... Hours of Sebring was overweight at 935 kg (2,061.3 lb), preventing engineers from using ballast to optimize handling and balance. ...
Mercedes-Benz Type 300
... The Mercedes-Benz Type 300 (chassis codes W186, W188, and W189) were the company's largest and most-prestigious models throughout the 1950s ... The 300, 300b, 300c (chassis code 186), and successor 300d (chassis code 189) models were touring cars, often referred to as Adenauers after Konrad Adenauer ... The 300s and its successor the 300Sc (chassis code 188) were all but handmade sports tourers, the pinnacles of the Mercedes line of their era ...

More definitions of "chassis":

  • (noun): A metal mounting for the circuit components of an electronic device.
  • (noun): The skeleton of a motor vehicle consisting of a steel frame supported on springs that holds the body and motor.