What are brains?


Brains is predominantly the plural of brain.

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Calf's Brains
... Calf's brains, or cervelle de veau, is a traditional delicacy in Europe and Morocco ... It is the brain of a calf consumed as meat ... popular dish made of bite-sized batter-fried morsels of beef brain ...
Tadanobu Tsunoda
... author, most known for his ideas regarding the "Japanese brain" ... According to Tsunoda's theory, the Japanese people use their brains in a unique way, different than "western" brains ... The Japanese brain, argues Tsunoda, hears or processes music using the left hemisphere, where western brains use the opposite or right hemisphere to process music ...
List Of Characters In Transformers (film Series) - Autobots - Brains
... Reno Wilson voices Brains, a small and intelligent Autobot who transforms into a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop computer, and is friends with Wheelie ... prequel comics, he was originally a Decepticon mobile "brain unit" drone that had gained sentience and escaped ...
Cruise Confidential - Ship For Brains: This Ain't No Galley Tour
... The sequel to Cruise Confidential is called Ship for Brains (World Waters, 2011) and narrates the author's experiences as an art auctioneer working ... While also a mild expose of the business of the cruise vacation, Ship For Brains primarily focuses on the unique characters who are attracted to the business of art auctioneering at sea ... Ship for Brains received critical acclaim as a comedy, including a nomination as ForeWord Magazine's Humor Book of the Year (2011) ...
Brains, Loire-Atlantique - Population
... The population of the commune is relatively young ... The percentage of people older than 60 (11.8%) is less than the national average (22.1%) and the departmental average (20.4%) Unlike the national and departmental averages, the male population of the commune is higher than the female (50.4%, versus 48.4% nationally and 48.5% departmentally). ...

Famous quotes containing the word brains:

    For an actress to be a success, she must have the face of Venus, the brains of a Minerva, the grace of Terpsichore, the memory of a Macaulay, the figure of Juno, and the hide of a rhinoceros.
    Ethel Barrymore (1897–1959)

    The eyes, opening and shutting like keyholes
    and never forgetting, recording by thousands,
    the skull with its brains like eels
    the tablet of the world
    the bones and their joints
    that build and break for any trick....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    I never drank of Aganippe well,
    Nor ever did in shade of Tempe sit,
    And muses scorn with vulgar brains to dwell;
    Poor layman I, for sacred rites unfit.
    Some do I hear of poets’ fury tell,
    But, God wot, wot not what they mean by it;
    And this I swear by blackest brook of hell,
    I am no pickpurse of another’s wit.
    Sir Philip Sidney (1554–1586)