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Precipitation Strengthening - Some Precipitation Hardening Materials
2000-series aluminum alloys (important examples 2024 and 2019, also Y alloy and Hiduminium) 6000-series aluminum alloys (important example 6061 for bicycle frames and ...
Skin (aircraft) - Alloys For Airframe Components
... The aircraft airframe has been the most demanding application for aluminum alloys to chronicle the development of the high-strength alloys is also to record the ... Duralumin, the first high-strength, heat treatable aluminum alloy, was employed initially for the framework of rigid airships, by Germany and the Allies during World War I ... Duralumin was an aluminum-copper-magnesium alloy it was originated in Germany and developed in the United States as alloy 17S-T (2017-T4) ...
Bicycle Frame - Frame Materials - Aluminum Alloys
... Aluminum alloys have a lower density and lower strength compared with steel alloys, however, possess a better strength-to-weight ratio, giving them notable weight advantages over steel ... Early aluminum structures have shown to be more vulnerable to fatigue, either due to ineffective alloys, or imperfect welding technique being used ... This contrasts with some steel and titanium alloys, which have clear fatigue limits and are easier to weld or braze together ...

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    With two sons born eighteen months apart, I operated mainly on automatic pilot through the ceaseless activity of their early childhood. I remember opening the refrigerator late one night and finding a roll of aluminum foil next to a pair of small red tennies. Certain that I was responsible for the refrigerated shoes, I quickly closed the door and ran upstairs to make sure I had put the babies in their cribs instead of the linen closet.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)