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Military Taxonomy - Descriptive Paradigm - Hyūga Class Helicopter Destroyer
... For example, this affects classification of the Hyūga class helicopter carriers, which are ships of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) ... This type of helicopter carrier was formally identified as a helicopter destroyer (DDH) to comply with explicit constitutional limitations written in Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution ... The two ships of this class, the JS Hyūga and the JS Ise resemble a light aircraft carrier or amphibious assault ship such as the Italian Navy's 13,850-ton Giuseppe Garibaldi, the ...
List Of German Aircraft Carriers
... German Reich planned several aircraft carriers (Flugzeugträger), some of which made it to the construction stage, and one of which was launched, the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin ... Italian passenger liner Ausonia into an aircraft carrier, codenamed "I" ... During World War II, Nazi Germany attempted to build several aircraft carriers, two of these were to be of the Graf Zeppelin class, Flugzeugträger A Graf Zeppelin and Flugzeugträg ...
Antony Preston - Bibliography
... ISBN 0-85177-891-7 The World's Great Aircraft Carriers From the Civil War to the Present ... ISBN 0-86124-071-5 Aircraft Carriers An Illustrated History ... ISBN 0-297-78653-9 Carriers (Modern Military Techniques), Armada (1986) ...

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