Amphibious means able to use either land or water. In particular it may refer to:

  • Amphibious (film), a 2010 film
  • Amphibious aircraft, an aircraft capable of landing on either water or land
  • Amphibious vehicle, a vehicle capable of being driven on both land and water
  • Amphibious warfare, warfare carried out on both land and water

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List Of Polish Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Amphibious Vehicles
... PZInż.130 amphibious tank (based on 4TP light tank (Also known as PZInż.140 light tank), only one prototype built) PT-76 amphibious light tank (Poland used 30 of those tanks) ...
Amphibious - Living Creatures
... animal of the Class Amphibia (many of which live on land and breed in water) Amphibious caterpillar Amphibious fish, a fish that is able to leave water for extended ...
List Of Retired Spanish Navy Ships - Amphibious
... Tom Green County 1953-1972) L-20 Paul Revere class amphibious transport (LPA) (2) L-21 Castilla (1980–1998) (ex-LPA248 Paul Revere 1958-1980) L-22 Aragón (1980–2000) (ex-LPA249 Francis Marion 1958-19 ...
Top Gear Challenges - How Hard Can It Be? - Amphibious Cars: Redux
... The presenters made a second attempt to use amphibious cars—this time to cross the English Channel ... All three presenters modified their original designs Clarkson created an amphibious 1996 Nissan pickup truck Hammond used a new 1981 Volkswagen Transporter May upgraded and used the same 1962 ... the record set by Richard Branson for the fastest crossing of the Channel in an amphibious vehicle ...

Famous quotes containing the word amphibious:

    We are amphibious creatures, weaponed for two elements, having two sets of faculties, the particular and the catholic.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    swirling crustacean-
    tailed equine amphibious creatures
    that garnish the axle-tree! What
    a fine thing! What unannoying
    Marianne Moore (1887–1972)