Western Sudan

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History Of Ghana - Precolonial Period
... of a series of large states in the western Sudan (the region north of modern Ghana drained by the Niger River) ... most organized states in the region (the others being Gao and Kanem in the central Sudan) ... They were also masters of the trade in gold, which drew North African merchants to the western Sudan ...
Islands Of Sudan - Geographical Regions
... Northern Sudan, lying between the Egyptian border and Khartoum, has two distinct parts, the desert and the Nile Valley ... Western Sudan is a generic term describing the regions known as Darfur and Kurdufan that comprise 850,000 square kilometers ... Western Darfur is an undulating plain dominated by the volcanic massif of Jabal Marrah towering 900 meters above the Sudanic plain the drainage from Jabal Marrah onto the plain can support a ...
History Of Nigeria Before 1500 - The Northern Kingdoms of The Savanna
... Trans-Saharan trade routes linked the western Sudan with the Mediterranean since the time of Carthage and with the Upper Nile from a much earlier date, establishing avenues of communication and ... then a string of dynastic states, including the earliest Hausa states, stretched across the western and central Sudan ... declined in the 11th century but was succeeded by Mali Empire which consolidated much of the western Sudan in the 13th century ...

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