West Nile

West Nile may refer to:

  • West Nile virus
  • West Nile sub-region, Uganda

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Corvidae - Biology - Disease
... Corvids are reservoirs (carriers) for the West Nile Virus in the USA ... so their deaths are an early-warning system when West Nile Virus arrives in an area (as are horse and other bird species deaths) ... One of the first signs that West Nile Virus first arrived in the USA in 1999 was the death of crows in New York ...
Aringa People
... the Sudanese border, and to a lesser extent in other areas of West Nile sub-region ... from southern Sudan and forced some UNLA units out of the West Nile region ... destruction of property and massacres in both Arua and Moyo, leading as many as 500,000 West Nile civilians, including Aringa, to flee to Sudan ...
West Nile Bank Front
... The West Nile Bank Front (WNBF) was a rebel armed force in Uganda under the command of Juma Oris ... It appears to have been a West Nile offshoot of the Uganda People's Democratic Army and recruited primarily in Koboko County, Arua and Obongi, Moyo ...
nile" class="article_title_2">Military History Of Uganda - Under Museveni (1986-ongoing) - Internal Conflicts - West Nile
... The situation in West Nile, located in the northwestern corner of the country, also remained fluid ... into the new NRA military, some joined the West Nile Bank Front (WNBF), formed by Juma Oris in 1986 to oppose the NRA government ...

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    And on his back there lay a young one sleeping,
    No bigger than a mouse;
    Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1803–1849)

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