West Friesland

West Friesland or Westfriesland can refer to the following:

  • West Friesland (region), a contemporary region in the province of North Holland, Netherlands
  • West Friesland (historical region), the historical region in the same province
  • The same region as the State of West Friesland in the Dutch Republic
  • Occasionally, the region where the West Frisian language is spoken, i.e. mostly the Province of Friesland in the Netherlands

Other articles related to "west friesland, west, friesland":

West Friesland (historical Region)
... West Friesland (also West Frisia Dutch West-Friesland West Frisian language West-Fryslân) is a historical region in the northern part of the Netherlands ...
List Of State Leaders In 1049 - Europe
... Frederick of Luxembourg (1046–1065) West Friesland - Dirk IV, Count of West Friesland (1039–1049) Floris I, Count of West Friesland (1049–1061) Duchy of Upper Lorraine ...
Netherlands Indies Gulden - History - 1724 - Introduction of The Duit
... their respective arms, and those two provinces along with West Friesland also issued VOC ducatons (one ounce silver coins) ... to 1794), Zeeland (most years from 1726 to 1794), and West Friesland (most years from 1729 to 1794) ... Gelderland (1788 and 1789), Zeeland (1770–1772 and 1789), and West Friesland (1769 and 1770) ...
History Of Friesland - Frisian Territories
... West Friesland remained a part of Holland and became a part of North Holland around 1800 ... The current region of West Friesland is smaller than historical West Friesland and there is also an official constitutional region (samenwerkingsregio ... Friesland got its independence back (with constitutionalized farmer representation) in 1581 and gave it up permanently in 1795 ...

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