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Tomb Raider Characters - Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
... The game introduces a second playable character and also features the following Lara Croft Werner Von Croy Kurtis Trent The second playable character, Kurtis Trent is looking to avenge the death of his father ... A colleague and friend of the late Werner Von Croy, she too is murdered by the Monstrum after helping Lara to retrieve Von Croy's Journal ... He appointed Werner Von Croy to recover five artifacts known as the Obscura Paintings, thought to have alchemical power and linked to dark arts ...
Tomb Raider Characters - Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
... are featured in the game Lara Croft Werner Von Croy Jean-Yves An archaeologist and friend of Lara, whose thorough knowledge of Ancient Egypt is of great help to her ... tomb of Semerkhet in Karnak, Lara sneaks up to him demanding to know where Von Croy is headed ... To aid in his schemes, he possesses Werner Von Croy in order to prevent Lara from invoking his enemy, Horus ...
Recurring Characters In The Tomb Raider Game Series - Werner Von Croy
... Werner Von Croy is a world renowned archaeologist and explorer, and also the mentor of the young Lara Croft ... When Lara was sixteen years old, Von Croy took her on a journey to Angkor Wat in Cambodia for her very first adventure in 1984 in a training level ... Ironically, Von Croy's downfall comes as a result of his greed, as when he reaches the sanctuary of the Iris in Angkor Wat, he completely disrespects the temple carvings which warn vengeance on those who ...

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