Weighted Companion Cube

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Portal (video Game) - Critical Reception
... The game generated a fan following for the Weighted Companion Cube—even though the cube itself does not talk or act in the game ... Fans have created plush and papercraft versions of the cube and the various turrets, as well as PC case mods and models of the Portal cake and portal gun ... noted that players have told Valve that they had found it more emotional to incinerate the Weighted Companion Cube than to harm one of the "Little Sisters ...
Portal (video Game) - Development - Design
... The Weighted Companion Cube inspiration was from project lead Kim Swift with additional input from Wolpaw from reading some "declassified government interrogation thing" whereby "isolation leads subjects to begin ... about the box, so we added dialogue, applied the heart to the cube, and continued to up the ante until people became attached to the box ... grew from the gameplay." Wolpaw further noted that the need to incinerate the Weighted Companion Cube came as a result of the final boss battle design they recognized they had not ...

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