Waverley Line - Heritage Activities

Heritage Activities

At Whitrope Siding, just short of Whitrope Tunnel, track panels have been relaid by the Waverley Route Heritage Association (WRHA) as part of a heritage railway that in 2009 stretched from Whitrope tunnel for about 0.5 miles. A heritage centre is being constructed at Whitrope as part of the WRHA activities. The track panels that had also been laid at Riccarton Junction were lifted by 2010.

The Heritage Centre had two open days in July 2010, with official opening of the Centre taking place on Sunday at 2pm. The opening was performed by the Rt Hon Michael Moore MP, the local MP and the new Secretary of State for Scotland, and Mrs Madge Elliot, veteran Borders rail campaigner who led the fight to save the Waverley Route in the late 1960s.

The WRHA has a small shunter and has included cab rides, the first traction to move on the line since closure, with passenger trains running from the summer of 2012. More details are on the WRHA Website www.wrha.org.uk

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