Warm or WARM can refer to:

  • A somewhat high temperature.
  • WARM (AM), a radio station (590 AM) licensed to Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
  • WARM-FM, a radio station (103.3 FM) licensed to York, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Warm.fm, a radio station (104.2 FM) licensed to Liège, Belgium, Europe
  • Risky Love Fm a radio station (Online Fm Previously named Warm Fm) Bollywood Fm
  • Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband, WARM - Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate
  • Military abbreviation for Wartime reserve modes

Other articles related to "warm":

Atmospheric Instability - Effects - Unstable Atmosphere
... Over warm ocean waters and within a region of the troposphere with light vertical wind shear and significant low level spin (or vorticity), such thunderstorm activity can grow in coverage and develop into a ... Over hot surfaces during warm days, unstable dry air can lead to significant refraction of the light within the air layer, which causes inferior mirages ... Hot springs and warm lakes are also suitable locations for a steam devil to form, when cold arctic air passes over relatively the warm water ...
Mike Kealy - Death
... of whom stayed with him and attempted to keep him warm ... When offered warm clothing by the search party, he refused - and even threw a warm blanket away ...
Warm Machine
... "Warm Machine" is the second single from British grunge band Bush's third album The Science of Things ... Cables Sleep", which proved to be a bigger hit than "Warm Machine." ...
Samuel S. ("Sam") Johnson - Businessman
... Johnson sold his Jefferson Plywood Company mill at Warm Springs to the Warm Springs tribal council for $1.34 million and provided additional plywood and veneer-making equipment to help ... tribal business improved the economic conditions on the Warm Springs Reservation ...

Famous quotes containing the word warm:

    Whatever beauty we behold, the more it is distant, serene, and cold, the purer and more durable it is. It is better to warm ourselves with ice than with fire.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    There are enough fagots and waste wood of all kinds in the forests of most of our towns to support many fires, but which at present warm none, and, some think, hinder the growth of the young wood.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    But what would interest you about the brook,
    It’s always cold in summer, warm in winter.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)