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Aperiodic Tiling - History
... Euclidean 3-space, such that no tiling by it is isohedral (an anisohedral tile) ... first arose in 1961, when logician Hao Wang tried to determine whether the Domino Problem is decidable — that is, whether there exists an algorithm for deciding if a given finite set of prototiles admits a tiling ... Wang found algorithms to enumerate the tilesets that cannot tile the plane, and the tilesets that tile it periodically by this he showed that such a decision algorithm exists if every finite set ...
Jarkko Kari - Research
... Wang tiles are unit squares with colored markings on each side they may be used to tesselate the plane, but only with tiles that have matching colors on adjoining edges ... The problem of determining whether a set of Wang tiles forms a valid tessellation is undecidable, and its undecidability rests on finding sets of Wang tiles that can only tesselate the plane aperiodically, in such ... The first set of aperiodic Wang tiles found, by Robert Berger, had over 20,000 different tiles in it ...
Hao Wang (academic)
... Hao Wang (Chinese 王浩 pinyin Wáng Hào 20 May 1921 – 13 May 1995) was a Chinese American logician, philosopher and mathematician ... Born in Jinan, Shandong, in the Republic of China (today in the People's Republic of China), Wang received his early education in China ... During the early 1950s, Wang studied with Paul Bernays in Zurich ...

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