Vulval Vestibule

The Vulval vestibule (or "Vulvar vestibule") is a part of the vulva between the labia minora into which the urethral opening and the vaginal opening open. Its edge is marked by Hart's Line.

The external urethral orifice (orificium urethræ externum; urinary meatus) is placed about 2.5 cm behind the glans clitoridis and immediately in front of that of the vagina; it usually assumes the form of a short, sagittal cleft with slightly raised margins. Nearby are the openings of the Skene's ducts.

The vaginal orifice is a median slit below and behind the opening of the urethra; its size varies inversely with that of the hymen.

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... portion of the clitoris (Latin Clitoral glans) and the clitoral hood the vulval vestibule the pudendal cleft the frenulum labiorum pudendi or the fourchette the opening (or urinary meatus) of the urethra ... The area between the labia minora is called the vulval vestibule, and it contains the vaginal and urethral openings ... The opening of the vagina is located at the bottom of the vulval vestibule, toward the perineum ...
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... The prevalence of pain at the vulvar vestibule is relatively common ... A study by the University of Michigan found that about 28% of women have experienced vulvar vestibular pain in the past, and about 8% had the pain in the last 6 months ...