Vizier Caste

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Clans And Bloodlines In Vampire: The Masquerade - Major Clans - Independent
... Progenitor Disciplines Nicknames Weakness Assamite Haqim Quietus, (Warrior Caste Obfuscate, Celerity), (Sorceror Caste Obfuscate, Dur-An-Ki), (Vizier Caste Celerity, Auspex) Assassins, Saracens Assamites ... (Warrior Caste The Warrior Caste suffers from an addiction to vampire vitae and an aura stained by diablerie ... Sorceror Caste Any use of Aura Perception on the Sorcerer Caste reveals that he practices blood magic, even if the character has no knowledge of Thaumaturgy or Assamite Sorcery and even if the observer ...

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    For which he wex a litel red for shame,
    Whan he the peple upon him herde cryen,
    That to beholde it was a noble game,
    How sobreliche he caste doun his yen.
    Criseyda gan al his chere aspyen,
    And let so softe it in her herte sinke
    That to herself she seyde, “Who yaf me drinke?”
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340–1400)