Virtual Machine - List of Virtual Machine Software

List of Virtual Machine Software

Process (application) virtual machine software
  • Baan Bshell Virtual Machine, Baan 4GL
  • Common Language Infrastructure, C#, Visual Basic .NET, J#, C++/CLI (formerly Managed C++)
  • Dalvik virtual machine, part of Android operating systems
  • Dis, Inferno operating system and its Limbo language
  • DOSBox
  • EiffelStudio for the Eiffel language
  • Erlang language
  • Forth virtual machine, Forth
  • Glulx, Glulx, Z-code
  • Hec, Hasm Assembler
  • Java Virtual Machine, Java, Nice, NetRexx, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, JRuby
  • Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM), currently C, C++, Stacker
  • Lua
  • Macromedia Flash Player, SWF
  • Memory Array Redcode Simulator (MARS), virtual machine that executes Corewars programs
  • Neko virtual machine, currently Neko and haXe
  • O-code machine, BCPL
  • p-code machine, Pascal
  • Parrot, Perl 6
  • Perl virtual machine, Perl
  • CPython, Python
  • YARV, Ruby MRI
  • Rubinius, Ruby
  • ScummVM, Scumm
  • SECD machine, ISWIM, Lispkit Lisp
  • Sed the stream-editor can also be seen as a VM with 2 storage spaces
  • Smalltalk virtual machine, Smalltalk language
    • Squeak virtual machine, Squeak language
  • SQLite virtual machine, SQLite opcodes
  • SWEET16
  • Tamarin (JavaScript engine), ActionScript VM in Flash 9
  • TrueType virtual machine, TrueType
  • V8 (JavaScript engine), JavaScript VM
  • Valgrind, checking of memory accesses and leaks in x86/x86-64 code under Linux
  • Virtual Processor (VP) from Tao Group (UK).
  • VX32 virtual machine, application-level virtualization for native code
  • Waba, virtual machine for small devices, similar to Java
  • Warren Abstract Machine, Prolog, CSC GraphTalk
  • Z-machine, Z-Code
  • Zend Engine, PHP
  • libJIT Just-In-Time compilation library, libJIT bytecode
System (hardware) virtual machine software
  • ATLAS Transformation Language (ATL), an MTL virtual machine
  • Bochs, portable open source x86 and AMD64 PCs emulator
  • AlphaVM virtual machine, emulates Alpha hardware to migrate OpenVMS or Tru64 applications to x86 hardware
  • CHARON-AXP, virtualizes AlphaServer to migrate OpenVMS or Tru64 applications to x86 hardware
  • CHARON-VAX, virtualizes PDP-11 or VAX hardware to migrate OpenVMS or Tru64 applications to x86 or HP integrity hardware
  • CoLinux Open Source Linux inside Windows
  • CoWare Virtual Platform
  • Denali, uses paravirtualization of x86 for running para-virtualized PC operating systems.
  • Hercules emulator, free System/370, ESA/390, z/Mainframe
  • KVM
  • Logical Domains
  • LynxSecure uses the MILS architecture to provide high assurance for embedded systems on x86
  • Windows Virtual PC (formerly Microsoft Virtual PC) and Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Oracle VM
  • OVPsim is a freely available virtual platform simulator designed to simulate complex multiprocessor systems at very high speeds
  • Palacios is an OS independent embeddable VMM, it is an open source virtual machine monitor for modern architectures
  • Parallels Workstation, virtualizes x86 to run unmodified PC operating systems
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac, virtualizes x86 to run virtual machines on Mac OS X
  • QEMU, is a simulator based on a virtual machine
  • SheepShaver
  • Simics
  • Sun xVM
  • twoOStwo
  • User-mode Linux
  • VirtualBox
  • Virtual Iron (Virtual Iron 3.1)
  • VM from IBM
  • VMLite
  • VMware (ESX Server, Fusion, Virtual Server, Workstation, Player and ACE)
  • Xen (Opensource)
  • TransVirtual Systems emulation of Wang Laboratories VS hardware.
  • IBM POWER systems
Operating system level virtualization software
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • OpenVZ
  • FreeVPS
  • Linux-VServer
  • FreeBSD Jails
  • Solaris Containers
  • AIX Workload Partitions
  • LXC

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