Veronese is the Italian word denoting someone or something from Verona, Italy and may refer to:

  • Veronese Riddle, a popular riddle in the Middle Ages
  • Veronese (moth), a moth genus in the family Crambidae
  • Monte Veronese, an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk

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Carlo Caliari
... The youngest son of Paolo Veronese, Caliari was active mainly in Venice, where he worked and inherited the studio of his far more famous father, and later worked along with his uncle, Benedetto ... to several large pictures of banquets in Veronese's style ... own are more precise and delicate, both technically and in the physical types they lack Veronese's bravura, whether in the line and wash of a chiaroscuro drawing ...
Veronese - People
... Paolo Veronese (1528–1588), Italian Renaissance painter Giuseppe Veronese (1854–1917), Italian mathematician Joe Alioto Veronese (born 1973), San Francisco politician ...
Brentino Belluno
... mainly villages and hamlets) Belluno Veronese, Rivalta, Brentino, and Preabocco ... Belluno borders the following municipalities Avio, Caprino Veronese, Dolcè, Ferrara di Monte Baldo, and Rivoli Veronese ...
Benedetto Caliari
... Benedetto’s brother Paolo Caliari is better known as Veronese ... Veronese’s principal assistants were his younger brother Benedetto Caliari and his two sons Carlo or Carletto Caliari (1570–1596) and Gabriele Caliari (1568–1631 ... Benedetto Caliari, who was about ten years younger than Veronese, is reputed to have had a very large share in the architectural backgrounds that form so conspicuous a feature in ...
Sebastiano Ricci - Veronese Copies
... Ricci made many copies from the works of Paolo Veronese, both of individual heads and of whole compositions ... Finding of Moses which his agent, Joseph Smith, claimed was a Veronese, although it too, was painted by Ricci, either as a pastiche of Veronese's style, or a copy of a work now lost ...