Verbal may mean:

  • Non-finite verb, a verb form that functions both as a verb and as another lexical category.
  • A word or group of words that functions as a verb by serving as the head of a verb phrase. (In some languages, adjectives are verbals.)
  • Pertaining to language or the use of words in general (be it spoken or written) as opposed to non-verbal expression, or to spoken words in particular (although, this is usually a common misuse where "oral" is the correct term, e.g. "oral" v. "written" contract -- rather than "verbal" v. "written"). Examples:
    • Verbal abuse
    • Verbal arithmetic
    • Verbal enterprise, the ongoing open discussion on the positives and negatives of a business project completed.
  • Roger "Verbal" Kint, a major character in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects.
  • Verbal (rapper), a Japanese rapper and music producer, and member of M-Flo, Mic Banditz and Teriyaki Boyz
Other uses
  • Verbal Arts Centre, Northern Ireland; the publisher of Verbal magazine
  • Verbal Behavior, a book by B. F. Skinner
  • Verbal Remixes & Collaborations, an EP album by Amon Tobin

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... exceptional scores in either the mathematics or verbal tests, the name SMPY was retained ... Highly able youth with notably stronger mathematical than verbal ability often study and work in science and engineering, whereas adolescents with better ... Individuals with comparable mathematical and verbal ability did not follow such clear-cut trajectories, although many males with the "high-flat" ability profile pursued ...
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Famous quotes containing the word verbal:

    Language makes it possible for a child to incorporate his parents’ verbal prohibitions, to make them part of himself....We don’t speak of a conscience yet in the child who is just acquiring language, but we can see very clearly how language plays an indispensable role in the formation of conscience. In fact, the moral achievement of man, the whole complex of factors that go into the organization of conscience is very largely based upon language.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    A verbal art like poetry is reflective; it stops to think. Music is immediate, it goes on to become.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)

    It is clear that all verbal structures with meaning are verbal imitations of that elusive psychological and physiological process known as thought, a process stumbling through emotional entanglements, sudden irrational convictions, involuntary gleams of insight, rationalized prejudices, and blocks of panic and inertia, finally to reach a completely incommunicable intuition.
    Northrop Frye (b. 1912)