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Scalar (computing) - Naming Conventions
... and Namespace (computer science) Unlike their mathematical counterparts, programming variables and constants commonly take multiple-character names, e.g ... Single-character names are most commonly used only for auxiliary variables for instance, i, j, k for array index variables ... In almost all languages, variable names cannot start with a digit (0-9) and cannot contain whitespace characters ...
Naming Convention (programming) - Language-specific Conventions - Java
... conventions set by Sun Microsystems are listed below, where a name in "CamelCase" is one composed of a number of words joined without spaces, with each word's initial letter in capitals ... Identifier type Rules for naming Examples Classes Class names should be nouns in UpperCamelCase, with the first letter of every word capitalised ... run runFast getBackground Variables Local variables, instance variables, and class variables are also written in lowerCamelCase ...
Naming Convention (programming) - Common Elements - Length of Identifiers
... Brevity in programming could be in part attributed to early linkers which required variable names to be restricted to 6 characters to save memory ... A later "advance" allowed longer variable names to be used for human comprehensibility, but where only the first few characters were significant ... In some versions of BASIC such as TRS-80 Level 2 Basic, long names were allowed, but only the first two letters were significant ...

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