Validation may refer to:

  • Verification and validation, in engineering,` confirming that a product or service meets the needs of its users
  • Verification and validation (software), checking that a software system meets specifications and fulfills its intended purpose
  • Validation of foreign studies and degrees, processes for transferring educational credentials between countries
  • Validation (drug manufacture), documenting that a process or system meets its pre-determined specifications and quality attributes
  • Data validation, in computer science, ensuring that data inserted into an application satisfies defined formats and other input criteria
  • Regression model validation, in statistics, determining whether a model fits the data well
  • XML validation, the process of checking a document written in XML to confirm that it both is "well-formed" and follows a defined structure
  • Social validation, compliance in a social activity to fit in and be part of the majority
  • the validation of a analytical test method, to show that it is suitable for the purpose it is used

Other articles related to "validation":

Content Assembly Mechanism - CAM Building Blocks - XML Validation Framework
... provides support for standalone XML instance validation services ... The CAMV Java engine that implements XML validation using CAM templates is an example of this approach ... Validation services can be integrated into automated test suites that support development of Compliance and Interoperability Testing Environments (CITE) along with Compliance ...
Parameter Validation
... In computer software, the term parameter validation is the automated processing, in a module, to validate the spelling or accuracy of parameters passed to that module ... Parameter validation can be used to defend against cross-site scripting attacks ...
Security Content Automation Protocol - SCAP Validation Program
... techniques, services, and supporting programs for testing, evaluation and validation and addresses such areas as development and maintenance of security ... A vendor seeking validation of a product should contact an NVLAP accredited SCAP validation laboratory for assistance in the validation process ...