UTF may refer to:

  • Several Unicode Transformation Formats
    • UTF-1
    • UTF-7
    • UTF-8
    • UTF-16
    • UTF-32
  • U.T.F. (Undead Task Force), an American comic book title
  • UTF (Underground Test Facility), used for testing and developing steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in Northern Canada

Other articles related to "utf":

... Unicode is a code page that has several encoding forms, like UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 ...
Memset - Character Encodings
... in ASCII or any ASCII extension, but not characters in encodings such as UTF-16 (even though a 16-bit code unit might be nonzero, its high or low byte might be zero) ... If wchar_t is 32-bits, then 32-bit encodings, such as UTF-32, can be stored ... UTF-8 and Shift JIS are often used in C byte strings, while UTF-16 is often used in C wide strings when wchar_t is 16 bits ...
Mac Icelandic Encoding
... character set Unicode / ISO/IEC 10646 UTF-8 UTF-16/UCS-2 UTF-32/UCS-4 UTF-7 UTF-1 UTF-EBCDIC GB 18030 SCSU BOCU-1 Miscellaneous codepages APL Cork HZ IBM code ...
Charset Detection
... the phrase "Bush hid the facts" in ASCII as Chinese UTF-16LE ... charset detection works reliably is detecting UTF-8 ... This is due to the large percentage of invalid byte sequences in UTF-8, so that text in any other encoding that uses bytes with the high bit set is ...