USNS Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton (T-AKV-5)

USNS Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton (T-AKV-5)

USNS Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton (T-AKV-5 /T-AK-276) was a Lt. James E. Robinson-class cargo ship constructed during World War II and placed into service under cognizance of the U.S. Maritime Commission.

Post-war she was acquired by the U.S. Army and placed into service as USAT Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton. In 1950 she was reacquired by the Navy and placed into service as the USNS Sgt Jack J. Pendleton (T-AKV-5). Pendleton continued to serve her country throughout the Korean War and Vietnam War.

In 1973, while sailing in the Paracel Islands, Pendleton struck a reef off Triton Island. Attempts to remove her from the reef failed, and she was abandoned.

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