Some articles on uprising:

Agartala Conspiracy Case - Aftermath
... The case was ultimately withdrawn in the face of a massive popular uprising, which ultimately resulted in the 1969 uprising in East Pakistan and the ... The case and the resulting uprising is seen as one of the major events leading to Bengali nationalism and Bangladesh Liberation War ...
Jacobite Uprising In Cornwall Of 1715
... The Jacobite uprising in Cornwall of 1715 was the last uprising against the British Crown to take place in the county of Cornwall ...
Berbice Slave Uprising
... The Berbice Slave Uprising was a slave revolt in Guyana ... The uprising began on Plantation Magdalenenberg on the Canje River in Berbice ...
Halo: Uprising
... Halo Uprising is a four-issue American comic book limited series set in the Halo universe ... Uprising tells a story set between the ending of the 2004 video game Halo 2 and the beginning of its sequel, Halo 3, as Earth is under attack by a collective of ...
Roger Barlet
... in the Warsaw's Old Town on August 30, 1944, during the Warsaw Uprising ... operations and opponents Urban warfare Warsaw Uprising Zamość Uprising Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Kutschera Lwów Uprising Murowana Oszmianka Ostra Brama Tempest Underground, field ...

Famous quotes containing the word uprising:

    Ours is the old, old story of every uprising race or class or order. The work of elevation must be wrought by ourselves or not at all.
    Frances Power Cobbe (1822–1904)

    Whoever thinks of stopping the uprising before it achieves its goals, I will give him ten bullets in the chest.
    Yasir Arafat (b. 1929)

    An uprising would punish only the country, and that is out of the question. But there is yet another approach, the most effective form of resistance: contemptuous compliance.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)