Unsigned Int

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Recursive Call - Recursion Versus Iteration
... and accumulator variable, rather than passing arguments and returning values by recursion unsigned int factorial(unsigned int n) { unsigned int product = 1 // empty product is 1 while (n) { product *= n --n ...
Circular Buffer - Optimization - Optimized POSIX Implementation
... abort struct ring_buffer { void *address unsigned long count_bytes unsigned long write_offset_bytes unsigned long read_offset_bytes } //Warning order should be at least ...
Microsoft Visual C++ Name Mangling - Elements - Data Type
... B Type modifier (volatile reference) C signed char D char __int8 E unsigned char unsigned __int8 F short __int16 G unsigned short unsigned __int16 H int __int32 I unsigned int ...
C Data Types - Basic Types - Interface To The Properties of The Basic Types
... types signed char, signed short, signed int, signed long, signed long long SCHAR_MAX, SHRT_MAX, INT_MAX, LONG_MAX, LLONG_MAX – maximum possible value of signed integer ...
Binary GCD Algorithm - Implementation - Iterative Version in C
... unsigned int gcd(unsigned int u, unsigned int v) { int shift /* GCD(0,v) == v GCD(u,0) == u, GCD(0,0) == 0 */ if (u == 0) return v if (v == 0) return u /* Let shift = lg K, where K is the greatest power of 2 dividing ... Swap if necessary so u v) { unsigned int t = v v = u u = t} // Swap u and v ...

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