University of Navarra School of Law

The University of Navarra School of Law is the oldest School of the University of Navarra system. The School of Law is located on the University’s Main Campus in Pamplona, Spain. Approximately 70% of its Law Students come from the other regions of Spain and from a long list of countries, which includes:Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, México, France, Albania, Jamaica y Portugal, amongst others.

The School of Law offers a full range of Degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The Degree in Spanish Law, "Licenciatura de Derecho", is complemented by six specialization diplomas: "Derecho Económico"; "Derecho Medioambiental"; "Derecho Foral Navarro"; the Anglo-American Common Law system; as well as, Global Law (Anglo-American Law Program, International Business Law Program, Global Lawyer Certificate).

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