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Antrim, County Antrim - History
... The Society of United Irishmen launched a rebellion in 1798, which began in Leinster and quickly spread to Ulster ... The United Irishmen had been founded in 1791 by liberal Protestants in Belfast ... On 7 June 1798, about 4000 United Irishmen led by Henry Joy McCracken attacked the town ...
Staker Wallace
... affixed on one of his own pikes, and placed on the castle." A document on the United Irishmen in Limerick found in the 1940s in the Irish State Paper Office listed prisoners in the new gaol (jail) in 1798 ... rebellion in Ireland, and was hung as a local captain of the United Irishmen ... The Society of United Irishmen and the Whiteboys were efforts by Roman Catholics and Irish nationalists to gain independence from the English ...
Archibald Hamilton Rowan - Society of The United Irishman
... Whig Club, and by October had become a founding member of the Dublin Society of United Irishmen, working alongside famous radicals such as William Drennan, and Theobald Wolfe Tone ... out "An Address to the Volunteers of Ireland", a piece of United Irish propaganda ... the War of the First Coalition against France, and the United Irish movement was outlawed in 1794 ...
Leonard Mac Nally
... playwright, lyricist, founding member of the United Irishmen and spy for the British Government within Irish republican circles ... within the Irish revolutionary society, the United Irishmen and played a mayor role in the defeat of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 ... payments from the government, McNally would betray his United Irishmen colleagues to the authorities and then, as defence counsel at their trial, secretly collaborate with the ...

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