Unfair may refer to:

  • The negative form of the adjective fair
  • Unfair (drama), Japanese television series
  • Unfair: The Movie

Other articles related to "unfair":

Landlord Harassment - Consumer Protection Law
... it is based, and similar "baby FTC" laws in other states, it prohibits the use of any unfair and deceptive acts and practices in the conduct of any trade ... business, and the Massachusetts Attorney General has issued regulations which define unfair and deceptive acts or practices in the rental housing field ... Practices defined as unfair include failure by the landlord to disclose, to a tenant or prospective tenant, any fact of the disclosure of which may have influenced the latter not to enter into the transaction ...
Constructive Fraud
... in the law to describe a situation where a person or entity gained an unfair advantage over another by deceitful, or unfair, methods ... Some unfair methods may include not telling customers about defects in a product ...
Unfair Practices
... Unfair practices may refer to Unfair business practices Unfair competition Unfair labor practice ...
Director General Of Fair Trading V First National Bank Plc - Judgment
... practice’ It is fair and open dealing, preventing unfair surprise and the absence of real choice. 1974 Act’s interaction, whereby interest had been excluded, did not make the term an unfair way of circumventing legislation, because the Act had not prohibited post-judgm ... way of preventing the continuing use of unfair terms and changing contraccting practice than ex casu actions see Susan Bright, ‘Winning the battle ...
Unfair Preference
... An unfair preference (or "voidable preference") is a legal term arising in bankruptcy law where a person or company transfers assets or pays a debt to a creditor shortly ... The law on unfair preferences varies from country to country, but characteristically, to set a transaction or payment aside as an unfair preference, the liquidator will ... The effect of a successful application to have a transaction declared as an unfair preference varies ...

Famous quotes containing the word unfair:

    I think it’s unfair for people to try to make successful blacks feel guilty for not feeling guilty.... We’re unique in that we’re not supposed to enjoy the things we’ve worked so hard for.
    Patricia Grayson, African American administrator. As quoted in Time magazine, p. 59 (March 13, 1989)

    It’s unfair of a circle to accuse the angle of being sharp.
    Multatuli [Eduard Douwer Dekker] (1820–1887)

    I was so sick and faint, so overcome at the brutality of this fiendish sport, that I hardly heard the shouts of “Bravo! bravo!” and the fanfaronade of trumpets.... I do not know which astonished me the most, the strikingly curious, brilliant coup d’oeil, the dexterity of the men, the intrepidity of the animals, the miserable unfair play, or the pleasure of the spectators.
    M. E. W. Sherwood (1826–1903)