Umbilical may refer to:

  • Umbilical cable
  • Umbilical cord
  • Umbilical fold
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Umbilical notch
  • Umbilical vessels
    • Umbilical artery
    • Umbilical vein
  • Umbilical zone
  • The Umbilical Brothers, two Australian comedic performers, David and Shane
  • Umbilical point, a locally spherical point on a mathematical surface.
  • Umbilical region

Other articles related to "umbilical":

Lateral Umbilical Fold - Clinical Significance
... The lateral umbilical fold is an important reference site with regards to hernia classification ... A direct hernia occurs medial to the lateral umbilical fold, whereas an indirect hernia originates lateral to the fold ... placement of the opening of the deep inguinal ring in the space lateral to the lateral umbilical fold, which allows the passage of the ductus deferens, testicular artery, and other components of ...
Lateral Umbilical Fold
... The lateral umbilical fold overlies the inferior epigastric artery (a branch of the external iliac artery) and its accompanying veins ... Unlike the median and medial umbilical folds, the contents of the Lateral Umbilical fold remain functional after birth.It extends from inguinal ring to arcuate line ...
Medial Umbilical Ligament
... The medial umbilical ligament (or cord of umbilical artery) is a paired structure found in human anatomy ... surface of the anterior abdominal wall, and is covered by the medial umbilical folds (plica umbilicalis medialis) ... It should not be confused with the median umbilical ligament, a different structure that represents the remnant of the embryonic urachus ...
List Of Me SH Codes (A16) - MeSH A16 --- Embryonic Structures - MeSH A16.254 --- Embryo
... organizers, embryonic MeSH A16.254.789 --- umbilical cord MeSH A16.254.789.641 --- umbilical arteries MeSH A16.254.789.807 --- umbilical veins MeSH A16.254.835 --- urachus MeSH A16.254.891 --- vitelline ...
Acid–base Imbalance
... In the fetus, the normal range differs based on which umbilical vessel is sampled (umbilical vein pH is normally 7.25 to 7.45 umbilical artery pH is normally 7.18 to 7.38) ...