Ukon may refer to different subjects:

  • International Airport "Mykolaiv" (ICAO: UKON) — an airport in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  • Nunchaku — may refer to the "right" section of the nunchaku
  • Takayama Ukon — a christian Daimyo during the Sengoku Period of Feudal Japan
  • Ukon (poet) — one of the Japanese Thirty-six Female Poetry Immortals
  • Ukon (Naruto) — a character featured in the famous anime Naruto
  • Turmeric — Japanese Turmeric used as a dietary supplement and spice

Other articles related to "ukon":

List Of Samurai Champloo Characters - Secondary Characters - Ukon
... Like Jin, Ukon, known also as Shōryū, was born into the samurai bloodline ... Ukon was sent on a voyage by the province's daimyo, but his ship met with disaster and capsized ...
Moeyo Ken (anime) - The Tsubame Group - Ukon Tanaka
... Voiced by Gray Haddock(English) Ukon Tanaka is a fierce and courageous swordsman who takes pride in how charming he believes he is ... Ukon fights using a samurai katana.(similar to the one Yuko uses) ...
Ukko - Finnish Folklore
... Thunderbolts were sometimes called Ukon vaaja (English bolt of Ukko) or Ukon nuoli (English arrow of Ukko) ... The name Ukon vaaja was also used of Neolithic stone tools, which were often taken into use as magical objects for use in ritual upon discovery ...
Tokutaro Ukon
... Tokutaro Ukon (右近 徳太郎, Ukon Tokutarō?) (September 23, 1913 – 1944) was a Japanese football player ...