Tyrol (German: Tirol; Italian: Tirolo; Latin: Tirolis) is a historical region of Europe. "Tyrol" or "Tirol" can also refer to:

Places, and geographical entities
  • Tyrol (state) in Austria
    • East Tyrol, part of the State of Tyrol
    • North Tyrol, part of the State of Tyrol
  • South Tyrol, a province of northern Italy
    • Tirol, South Tyrol, a municipality in South Tyrol
  • Tyrol Basin, a ski and snowboard area located in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
  • County of Tyrol, a former political entity in existence until the early 20th century comprising territory in the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol and the Austrian state of Tyrol
  • German Tyrol, the German-speaking area of the old County of Tyrol
  • Euroregion Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino, a Euroregion comprising the historical Tyrol region
  • Tirol, a village in Doclin Commune, Caraş-Severin County, Romania
Other uses
  • Tyrolia, a brand of ski bindings, now part of the Head company
  • Galen Tyrol, a fictional character from the re-imagined miniseries and television series Battlestar Galactica
  • Tirol (fictional planet), the homeworld of the Robotech Masters in the anime series Robotech

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