Tyr (journal)

Tyr (journal)

Tyr: Myth—Culture—Tradition is the name of an American Radical Traditionalist (anti-modern, neo-tribalist) journal, edited by Joshua Buckley, Michael Moynihan, and (in the first issue) Collin Cleary.

It is an annual publication named after Tyr, the Germanic god. The magazine states that it "celebrates the traditional myths, culture, and social institutions of pre-Christian, pre-modern Europe." The first issue was published in 2002 under the ULTRA imprint in Atlanta, Georgia. The magazine largely focuses on topics relating to Germanic neopaganism and Germanic paganism with an amount of content regarding Celtic polytheism as well.

Three volumes have appeared so far; vol. 1 in 2002 and vol. 2 in 2004 and now vol. 3 2006 is available from the Tyr website or from Norway's Integral Publications. Contributors include Asatru Folk Assembly founder Stephen McNallen, Nouvelle Droite leader Alain de Benoist, an interview with noted French comparative philologist Georges Dumézil, British musicologist and translator Joscelyn Godwin, modern Germanic mysticist Nigel Pennick and scholar Stephen Flowers, besides translations of texts by "Traditionalist" author and occultist Julius Evola and völkisch poet and musician Hermann Löns. Volume 2 also includes a CD of music related to the subject matter or authors contributing.

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