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1972 Hardie-Ferodo 500 - Results
... Thiele Ford Pty Ltd Digby Cooke Geoff Leeds Ford Escort GT 1600 Mk.I 13 ... B 37 Mazda Dealer Team Wayne Rogerson Mazda RX-2 14 ... B 41 Mazda Dealer Team Bernie Haehnle ... XU-1 25 ... DNF B 46 M Grayson Max Grayson Bill Gates Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk.I 41 ... DNF C 31 Ron Hodgson Motors Bruce McPhee Holden LJ Torana GTR XU-1 19 ... DNF ...
1973 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 - Results
... Mazda RX-2 13 ... B 44 Geoff Leeds Jim Murcott Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk.I 14 ... B 41 Datsun Racing Team John Roxburgh Doug Whiteford Datsun 180B SSS 15 ... A 56 Datsun Racing Team Bill ... R8 Gordini 28 ... B 43 Bob Holden Lyndon Arnel Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk.I 29 ... B 48 Geoff Perry Brian Reed Mazda RX-3 30 ... A 59 John Symon Philip Arnull Datsun 58 ... DNF C 35 James Mason Motors Gary ...
Ford Escort (Europe) - Ford Escort Mark I (1968–1974)
1,298 cc Crossflow OHV I4 1,558 cc Lotus Twin Cam I4 1,994 cc Pinto TL20H OHC I4 Wheelbase 94.5 in (2,400 mm) Length 159.25 in (4,045 mm) (saloon) 160.8 in (4,084 mm) (estate) Width 61.8 in (1,570 mm) Height 58.5 ... a higher performance version for rallies and racing — the Escort Twin Cam,( built for Group 2 international rallying) which featured an engine with a ... Production of the Twin Cam, which was originally produced at Halewood, was phased out as the RS1600 was developed ...
1972 Australian Touring Car Championship - Teams and Drivers
... Blanchard 125 ... Chevrolet Camaro Blanchard Motors Mike Stillwell 92 ... Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk.I BS Stillwell Ford John Harvey 7 Holden HQ Monaro GTS350 Bob Jane Racing Mel ... Charger Graham Ryan John Rushford 94 ... Ford Escort Twin Cam Mk.I Rushford Engineering Co Doug Chivas 29 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger Liverpool Chrysler Phil Brock 33 ... Chrysler VH Valiant ...

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