Tuttle may refer to:

  • Tuttle, Alberta
  • Tuttle, California, in Merced County
  • Tuttle, Colusa County, California
  • Tuttle, Oklahoma
  • Tuttle, North Dakota
  • "Tuttle" (M*A*S*H), a 1973 episode from the television series M*A*S*H

People with the surname Tuttle:

  • A. Theodore Tuttle (1919–1986), Mormon leader
  • Archibald "Harry" Tuttle, a character played by Robert De Niro in the film Brazil
  • Ashley Tuttle, musical actress and dancer
  • Bill Tuttle (1929–1998), baseball player and public speaker
  • Charles E. Tuttle (1915–1993), publisher
  • Daniel Sylvester Tuttle, bishop of the Episcopal Church
  • Dave Tuttle (born 1972), UK football manager
  • Elbert Tuttle (1897–1996), US judge
  • Elmo Tuttle, fictional comic strip character
  • Frank Tuttle (1892–1963), film director and writer
  • Fred Tuttle (1919–2003), farmer, actor, and candidate for the US Senate
  • Gina Tuttle (born 1973), actress and voice artist
  • Gregory Tuttle, fictional character in the TV series Chuck
  • Herbert Tuttle (1846–1894), American historian
  • Hiram A. Tuttle (1837–1911), Governor of New Hampshire
  • Horace Parnell Tuttle (1837–1923), astronomer whose name is borne by an asteroid and several comets
  • James Madison Tuttle, Union general in the Civil War and Democratic candidate in 1863 for Governor of Iowa
  • Julia Tuttle (1849–1898), businesswoman, farmer, and "Mother of Miami"
  • Karen Tuttle (1920–2010), viola teacher
  • Lisa Tuttle (born 1952), author
  • Lurene Tuttle (1906–1986), character actress
  • Lyle Tuttle (born 1931), tattoo artist
  • Matt Tuttle (musician), drummer
  • Matt Tuttle (soccer) (born 1987), American soccer player
  • Merlin Tuttle (born 1941), ecologist
  • Perry Tuttle (born 1959), NFL football player
  • Richard Tuttle (born 1941), postminimalist artist
  • Rick Tuttle (born 1940), Los Angeles politician
  • Robert H. Tuttle (born 1943), US ambassador
  • Russell Tuttle (born 1939), primate morphologist and paleoanthropologist
  • Steve Tuttle (born 1966), hockey player
  • William G. T. Tuttle, Jr. (born 1935), U.S. Army general
  • William J. Tuttle (1912–2007), make-up artist

Other articles related to "tuttle":

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. III - Cases - The Solicitous Solicitor
... Melvin Tuttle, a recently promoted solicitor, has apparently died of a heart attack ... Scotland Yard recruits Holmes and Watson to investigate since they believe that Tuttle was poisoned ... Along the way, they learn of Tuttle's reputation for romancing various women, including the wife of one of his employers ...
Leona Tuttle
... Leona Wilhelmina Tuttle (April 13, 1896 – November 23, 2007) was an American supercentenarian ... Tuttle was born as Leona Wilhelmina Sternberg on April 13, 1896, near the town of Bad Axe, Michigan ... Sternberg married her husband, Stanley Tuttle, in 1924 ...
Stephen Tuttle
... Stephen Davidson Tuttle (May 4, 1907 - April 9, 1954) was a musicologist and chairman of the department of music at the University of Virginia (1941–1952), and an associate professor ... Tuttle was the son of Baptist missionaries and spent his childhood in the family home of Parkersburg, West Virginia, and in India ... Tuttle studied music at Denison University and Harvard University, where he was the roommate of composer Elliott Carter their acquaintance resulted in Carter's composition "To Music ...
Michelle La Course - Education
... David Holland at the Interlochen Arts Academy, Robert Swan at Northwestern University, and Karen Tuttle at the Peabody Conservatory of Music ... LaCourse served as a longtime teaching assistant to Karen Tuttle and currently serves as a faculty member of the annual Karen Tuttle "Coordination" Workshop ...