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Dragon Sun - Reception - Critical Reaction
... said "for those that understand the intricacies, the wonder, the glory of turn based 'culture building,' this is the game worth skipping class for." Alpha Centauri's ... It won the "Turn-based Strategy Game of the Year" award from GameSpot as well ...
Chronology Of Turn-based Strategy Video Games
... This is a comprehensive index of turn-based strategy video games, sorted chronologically ... See also Chronology of turn-based tactics video games See also Chronology of 4X video games ...
Card Game Video Games - Role-playing
... of the early entries in the genre were turn-based games, many modern role-playing games progress in real-time ... has followed the strategy game's trend of moving from turn-based to real-time combat ... Some throwbacks to older turn based system did exist such as the Golden Sun series for Game Boy Advance ...
Turn-based MMORPG - Graphical Games
... Relatively few fully animated, graphical multiplayer RPGs include turn-based gameplay ... Dofus, Dofus Arena and Wakfu are turn-based tactical role-playing games developed by Ankama Games ... They feature isometric, sprite-based graphics ...
Darkwind: War On Wheels - Gameplay - Game Client
... The main turn based tactical gameplay which is the core of the game is done though a freely downloadable game client ... In Darkwind, turn-based gameplay racing becomes purely about the tactics of entering and exiting corners, passing opponents, and generally breaking down the nuances of driving that normally become ... has much more to do with tactics than reactions (for example F1 or Nascar races), the turn-based nature of Darkwind allows players to race more professionally by letting them battle it out ...

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    One of the most horrible, yet most important, discoveries of our age has been that, if you really wish to destroy a person and turn him into an automaton, the surest method is not physical torture, in the strict sense, but simply to keep him awake, i.e., in an existential relation to life without intermission.
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