Turkic Peoples

The Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups that live in northern, eastern, central and western Asia, northwestern China and parts of eastern Europe. They speak languages belonging to the Turkic language family. They share, to varying degrees, certain cultural traits and historical backgrounds. The term Turkic represents a broad ethno-linguistic group of people including existing societies such as the Turkish, Azerbaijani, Chuvashes, Kazakhs, Tatars, Kyrgyz, Turkmens, Uyghurs, Uzbeks, Bashkirs, Qashqai, Gagauzs, Yakuts, Turkic Karaites, Krymchaks, Karakalpaks, Karachays, Balkars, Nogais and as well as past civilizations such as the Göktürks, Kumans, Kipchaks, Avars, Bulgars, Turgeshes, Khazars, Seljuk Turks, Ottoman Turks, Mamluks, Timurids and possibly Huns and the Xiongnu.

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List Of Turkic Groups - Religion - Religious Conversions
... Turkic Muslim conquest in the Indian subcontinent and west Xinjiang attributed with a rapid and almost total disappearance of it and other religions in North India and Central Asia ... China, as well as the Tuvans of Russia are the only remaining Buddhist Turkic peoples ... Even though many Turkic peoples became Muslims under the influence of Sufis, often of Shī‘ah persuasion, most Turkic people today are Sunni Muslims, although a significant number ...
Khan (surname) - Rulers, Military Leaders, and Politicians - Turkic Peoples
... Sultan Satuq Bughra Khan, one of the first Turkic leaders to convert to Islam ... Tughral Khan a Turkic general and governor ...
History Of Tatarstan - Turkic Peoples
... The period from roughly 500 to 700 CE saw an influx of Turkic-speaking nomads ... These immigrants' culture was related to those of the Göktürks, Khazars and the tribes of Great Bulgaria ...
List Of Turkic Groups - Name Etymology
... The first known mention of the term Turk (Old Turkic Türük or Kök Türük or Türük, Chinese 突厥, Pinyin Tūjué, Wade-Giles T'u-chüeh, Middle ... they are evidence of the historical continuity of the term and the people as a linguistic unit since early times ... Chinese records Spring and Autumn Annals referring to a neighbouring people as Beidi ...

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