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Algorithm Characterizations - 1943, 1952 Stephen Kleene's Characterization - 1952 Church-Turing Thesis
... XXX Kleene proves the equivalence of the two "Theses"—the Church Thesis and the Turing Thesis ... can only hypothesize (conjecture) the truth of both thesis -- these he has not proven) THEOREM XXX The following classes of partial functions.. ... making numbers from input-numbers—recursive functions calculated by hand or computated by Turing-machine or equivalent—results in an "effectively calculable/computable function" ...
History Of The Church–Turing Thesis - Kleene and Church and Turing Theses
... In his chapter §60, Kleene defines the "Church's thesis" as follows ".. ... led Church 1936 to propose the following thesis ... "Thesis I ...
Index Of Philosophy Articles (A–C) - C
... Chün-tzu Chung-ying Cheng Chung-yung Chung Yung Chunyu Kun Church's theorem Church's thesis Church-Turing thesis Church–Turing–Deutsch principle Church–Turing ...

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    I have been maintaining that the meaning of the word ‘ought’ and other moral words is such that a person who uses them commits himself thereby to a universal rule. This is the thesis of universalizability.
    Richard M. Hare (b. 1919)