Turing Machines

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Super-recursive Algorithm - Examples
... and error predicates (Hilary Putnam) inductive inference machines (Carl Smith) inductive Turing machines, which perform computations similar to computations of Turing machines and produce their ... Mutanen) general Turing machines (J ... Schmidhuber) Internet machines (van Leeuwen, J ...
Turing Machine Equivalents - Machines With Input and Output
... Any of the above tape-based machines can be equipped with input and output tapes any of the above register-based machines can be equipped with dedicated input and output registers ... For example, the Schönhage pointer-machine model has two instructions called "input λ0,λ1" and "output β" (Schönhage 1990 p ... to study sublinear space complexity on multi-tape machines with the traditional model, because an input of size n already takes up space n ...
Description Number - Application To Undecidability Proofs
... direct correspondence between natural numbers and Turing machines shows that the set of all Turing machines is denumerable, and since the set of all ... First, let us denote by U(e, x) the action of the universal Turing machine given a description number e and input x, returning 0 if e is not the description number of a valid Turing ... a Turing machine TEST(e) which given the description number of some Turing machine would return 1 if the Turing machine halts on every input, or 0 if there are some inputs ...
Super-recursive Algorithm
... of ordinary algorithms that are more powerful, that is, compute more than Turing machines ... Turing machines and other mathematical models of conventional algorithms allow researchers to find properties of recursive algorithms and their computations ... way, mathematical models of super-recursive algorithms, such as inductive Turing machines, allow researchers to find properties of super-recursive algorithms and their computations ...
RL (complexity)
... in logarithmic space and polynomial time with probabilistic Turing machines with one-sided error ... The probabilistic Turing machines in the definition of RL never accept incorrectly but are allowed to reject incorrectly less than 1/3 of the time this is called one-sided ... is reserved for the class of problems solvable by logarithmic-space probabilistic machines in unbounded time ...

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