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Damages (Jewish Law) - Miscellaneous Torts and Damages - Mesne Profits: in The Mishnah and Talmud
... for which he is answerable to the true owner when the latter recovers the land from him by the judgment of a court ... fruits or branches from land thus withheld from the true owner, is considered as morally guilty of robbery (see the prohibition of an Israelite using, in the ritual thyrsus on the Feast of Booths, a palm-branch or ... which the purchaser will have to pay after eviction to the true owner, it is here taught that from motives of public policy the warranty inserted in the deed of sale, though in the nature of a bond, is to be ...
Lost, Mislaid, And Abandoned Property - Mislaid Property
... is generally deemed to have been mislaid or misplaced if it is found in a place where the true owner likely did intend to set it, but then simply forgot to pick it up ... object has a duty to turn it over to the owner of the premises, on the theory that the true owner is likely to return to that location to search for his ... If the true owner does not return within a reasonable time (which varies considerably depending on the circumstances), the property becomes that of the owner of the premises ...
Armory V Delamirie - Judgment
... had property rights in the jewel, even though neither was the true owner ... The true owner of the jewel was not relevant, the Court was only concerned with who had a better right to possession ... a finder has better title to property that he or she finds over everyone except the true owner, thus Armory had full title to the jewel ...
Lost, Mislaid, And Abandoned Property - Lost Property
... Property is generally deemed to have been lost if it is found in a place where the true owner likely did not intend to set it down, and where it is not likely to be found by the true owner ... the right to possess the item against any person except the true owner or any previous possessors ... goals to these distinctions are to (hopefully) see that the property is returned to its true original owner, or "title owner." Most jurisdictions have now enacted statutes requiring that the finder of lost ...

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    There is a small steam engine in his brain which not only sets the cerebral mass in motion, but keeps the owner in hot water.
    —Unknown. New York Weekly Mirror (July 5, 1845)

    But this is a true saying among men: the gifts of enemies are no gifts and profitless.
    Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.)