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Comparing Wheat Gluten With Corn (Zea) Glutens

Corn is prepared for breading by boiling in water with alkali, resulting in a de-skinned material called nixtamalized masa. Masa can be used for industrial purposes (tortillas, tamales, chips), but it must be used quickly because its glutens change rapidly and binding decreases rapidly. Masa does not store well and chemicals are added to enhance preservation at the expense of quality. At its peak attempting to use masa as dough generally results in a crumbly flat bread, correctable by regrinding masa to a fine flour and adding gums (such as Xanthan Gum). In contrast the glutens in wheat have more adhesive properties that change when prepared in different ways. The glutenins, for example, stretch, but can also fix their shape at high temperatures, causing bread to maintain its characteristic rise.

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