Treaty of Fond Du Lac - 1826 Treaty of Fond Du Lac - Signatories


# Location Recorded name Name (Translation/"Alias")
01 St. Marys Shin-gau-ba Was-sin Zhingaabewasin (Image Stone)
02 St. Marys She-wau-be-ke-to-an
03 St. Marys Way-ish-kee
04 St. Marys Shee-gud
05 St. Croix Band Peezhickee Bizhiki (Buffalo)
06 St. Croix Band No-den Noodin (Wind)
07 St. Croix Band Na-gwun-a-bee Negwanebi ("Tallest" feather)
08 St. Croix Band Kau-be-map-pa Gaa-bimaabi (He that sits to the side/"Wet Mouth")
09 St. Croix Band Chau-co-pee Shák'pí ("Little" Six)‡
10 St. Croix Band Jau-beance Ayaabens (Little Buck)
11 St. Croix Band Ul-tau-wau Odaawaa (Trader/"Ottawa")
12 St. Croix Band My-een-gun-sheens Ma'iinganzhiins (Little Bad-Wolf)
13 St. Croix Band Mo-a-so-mo-nee Máza-máni (Ironwalker)‡
14 St. Croix Band Muck-u-day peenaas Makade-bines (Black Bird)
15 St. Croix Band Shee-wee-tau-gun Zhiiwitaagan (Salt)
16 La Pointe Band Peexhickee Bizhiki (Buffalo)
17 La Pointe Band Kee-mee-wun Gimiwan (Rain)
18 La Pointe Band Kau-bu-zo-way
19 La Pointe Band Wy-au-wee-nind
20 La Pointe Band Pee-kwauk-wo-to-an-se-kay
21 Lac Courte Oreilles Band Pay-baum-ik-o-way
22 Lac du Flambeau Band Gitshee Waubeeshaans Gichi-waabizhesh (Big Marten)
23 Lac du Flambeau Band Mo-a-zo-nee
24 Lac du Flambeau Band Git-shee Mi-gee-zee Gichi-migizi (Great Eagle)
25 Lac du Flambeau Band Miz-hau-quot
26 Ontonagon Keesh-kee-to-wug Giishkitawag (Cut Ear)
27 Ontonagon Pee-nay-see Binesi (Bird)
28 Ontonagon Mau-tau-gu-mee
29 Ontonagon Kwee-wee-zais-ish Gwiiwizhenzhish (Bad Boy)
30 Vermilion Lake At-tick-o-ans Adikoons (Little Elk)
31 Vermilion Lake Gy-ut-shee-in-i-nee Gayaachiinh-inini (Small Man)
32 Vermilion Lake Jauk-way
33 Vermilion Lake Mad-wag-ku-na-gee-zhig-waab
34 Vermilion Lake Jau-ko-gee-zhig-waish-kun
35 Vermilion Lake Nee-zbo-day Niizhoode' (Two-hearted)
36 Vermilion Lake Nun-do-chee-ais
37 Vermilion Lake O-gee-mau-gee-gid
38 Vermilion Lake An-nee-mee-kees Animikiins (Little Thunder)
39 Ontonagon Kau-waish-kung
40 Ontonagon Mau-tau-gu-mee
41 Snake River Way-mit-te-go-ash Wemitigoozh (Frenchman)
42 Snake River Isk-quag-wun-aa-bee Ishkwaagwanebi (End feather)
43 Snake River Mee-gwun-aus Miigwanens (Little Feather)
44 Lac du Flambeau Band Pa-moos-say Bemose (Walking)
45 Lac du Flambeau Band May–tau-koos-ee-gay Metaakozige ( Pure Tobacco)
46 Rainy Lake Aa-nub-kum-ig-ish-kunk Aanakamigishkaang ( Foot Prints )
47 Sandy Lake Band O-sau-mem-i-kee Ozaawinimikii (Yellow Thunder)
48 Sandy Lake Band Git-shee Way-mir-tee-go-ost Gichi-wemitigoozh (Big Frenchman)
49 Sandy Lake Band Paa-shu-nin-leel
50 Sandy Lake Band Wau-zhus-ko-kok
51 Sandy Lake Band Nit-um-o-gau-bow-ee Netamigaabawi (Stands First)
52 Sandy Lake Band Wat-tap Wadab (Spunk)
53 Fond du Lac Band Shin-goop Zhingob (Spruce)
54 Fond du Lac Band Mon-e-to-gee-zi-so-ans Manidoo-giiziswens ( Little Sun-Spirit)
55 Fond du Lac Band Mong-a-zid Maangozid (Loon's Foot)
56 Fond du Lac Band Ma-ne-to-gee-zhig Manidoo-giizhig (Sky Spirit)
57 Fond du Lac Band O-jau-nee-mau-son
58 Fond du Lac Band Mis-kwau-tais Miskwaadesi ( Turtle)
59 Fond du Lac Band Nau-bu-nay-ger-zhig Nabane-giizhig (One-side of the Sky)
60 Fond du Lac Band Un-nau-wau-bun-daun
61 Fond du Lac Band Pau-tau-bay
62 Fond du Lac Band Mi-gee-see Migizi (Eagle)
63 Ontonagon Waub-ish-kee-pee-naas Waabishki-bines (White Bird)
64 Ontonagon Tweesh-tweesh-kee-way
65 Ontonagon Kun-de-kund Okandikan (Bouy)
66 Ontonagon Oguh bayaunuhquotwaybee
67 Ontonagon Pay-bau-mau-sing
68 Ontonagon Keesh-kee-mun Giishkimon (Whetstone/"Sharpened Knife")
69 Crow Wing River Mau-gu-gau-bo-wie
70 Crow Wing River Pu-dud Pítad (Muskrat's Liver)‡
71 Crow Wing River Naug-du-nosh
72 Crow Wing River O-zhus-kuck-oen Wazhashkokon (Muskrat's Liver)
73 Crow Wing River Waub-o-gee Waabojiig (White Fisher)
74 Crow Wing River Saw-ba-nosh
75 Crow Wing River Kee-way-den Giiwedin (North)
76 Crow Wing River Git-shee-mee-win-i-nee
77 Crow Wing River Wy-nu-nee
78 Crow Wing River O-bu-mau-gee-zhig
79 Crow Wing River Pay-bou-mid-gee-wung
80 Crow Wing River Mau-gee-gau-bou Maajigaabawi (Starts to Stand/"Stepping Ahead")
81 Crow Wing River Pay-bau-mo-gee-zhig Bebaamogiizhig (Sky Rambling)
82 Crow Wing River Kau-be-map-pa Gaa-bimaabi (He that sits to the side)
83 Crow Wing River Way-mit-te-go-azhu
84 Crow Wing River Ou-ju-pe-naas
85 Crow Wing River Mad-way-os-sin Madwewasin (Hears Stones)

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