Transmission Line

In communications and electronic engineering, a transmission line is a specialized cable designed to carry alternating current of radio frequency, that is, currents with a frequency high enough that their wave nature must be taken into account. Transmission lines are used for purposes such as connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, distributing cable television signals, and computer network connections.

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Loudspeaker Enclosure - Woofer and Subwoofer Enclosures - Transmission Line
... A perfect transmission line enclosure has an infinitely long line, stuffed with absorbent material such that all the rear radiation of the driver is fully absorbed, down to the lowest ... Consequent to the above, practical Transmission Line loudspeakers are not true Transmission Lines, as there is generally output from the vent at the lowest frequencies ... Transmission lines tend to be larger than ported enclosures of approximately comparable performance, due to the size and length of the guide required (typically 1/4 ...
Mismatch Loss
... Mismatch loss in transmission line theory is the amount of power expressed in decibels that will not be available on the output due to impedance mismatches and signal ... A transmission line that is properly terminated, that is, terminated with the same impedance as that of the characteristic impedance of the transmission line, will have ...
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... Resistor recharges the capacitor or the transmission line (i.e ... Transmission line avalanche pulser a trigger signal applied to the base lead of the avalanche transistor cause the avalanche breakdown between the collector and emitter lead ... a current pulse of approximatively the same amplitude, which propagates along the transmission line ...
Transmission Line - Solutions of The Telegrapher's Equations As Circuit Components
... An example of a transmission line modeled by this circuit would be a balanced transmission line such as a telephone line ... amplifiers (the triangle with the number "1") account for the interaction of the transmission line with the external circuit ... The circuit depicted is equivalent to a transmission line connected from to in the sense that, and would be same whether this circuit or an actual transmission line was connected between and ...
Transformer Types - RF Transformer - Transmission-line Transformer
... are sometimes made from configurations of transmission line, sometimes bifilar or coaxial cable, wound around ferrite or other types of core ... between circuits over a limited range of frequencies, using only a length of transmission line ... The line may be coaxial cable, waveguide, stripline or microstripline ...

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